2011.06.10 01:07

Upgraded CFQ IO Scheduler

금번 1.3오버클럭버전과 함께 배포되는 SpeedMod커널부터는 Upgraded CFQ를 선택할수 있도록 소스를 수정하였습니다.

< Upgraded CFQ >

- 현재 CFQ의 단점-

What is Fsync? ->

Fsync performance for small files achieved is lower than what deadline can achieve, due to idling introduced between the sync write happening in process context and the journal commit.

Moreover, when competing with a sequential reader, a process writing small files and fsync-ing them is starved.

-Upgraded CFQ의 기능-
This patch fixes the two problems by:
- marking journal commits as WRITE_SYNC, so that they get the REQ_NOIDLE  flag set,
- force all queues that have REQ_NOIDLE requests to be put in the noidle  tree

Having the queue associated to the fsync-ing process and the one associated to journal commits in the noidle tree allows:
- switching between them without idling,
- fairness vs. competing idling queues
, since they will be serviced only after the noidle tree expires its slice.

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